Emerging Artists

Carolyn Moulton

Chloe Scott

Chloe’s woven fabrics are inspired by our surroundings, exploring nature and architecture to inform designs, looking at details and simple patterns. Chloe works with photography and drawing to create graphic bold motifs which are translated onto the loom and into the handwoven fabrics.

On the loom, she considers use of yarn and materials to include intense bold colour and reflect on the inspiration, while thinking about what is suitable for the final product or design.

Chloe uses a few different techniques on the loom to be able to create the fabrics. Some fabrics are large simple flat designs which are currently being handmade into simple but unique products. She is also working on padded structural designs with embossed forms and structures which come straight off the loom with a quilt like effect. In future these will create more unique pieces.

Jess D’Alton Goode

Yolanda Stokes