Introducing Guest Artist DEREK NICE : invocations of the sea

HWAT is excited to welcome on board the artist sculptor Derek Nice for the Harleston & Waveney Art Trail 2009.

Derek Nice’s sea-dream is occupied in making and constructing things. Often transforming objects which have already been made – dissolved, disassembled by the sea: worked over, beached and bleached, reworked, into constructs which are invocations of the sea.


Or images which allude to, and celebrate, these transitions and processes.The erosion of land, of structure, of vessels, the stripping down of paint in layers, the exposure of grain and texture. The shapes that constitute a boat, prow, sail or rudder, a harbour or a saltpan.


You can’t take the sea away from him: it’s in his veins and arteries, the sea that is all round Britain and all round Malta. What the sea is, and what the sea does, is also Derek’s waking dream.

Piece written by David Page, a long-standing friend of Derek Nice. They had a joint exhibition in Cork Street, London in the summer of 2008.

Derek Nice will be exhibiting work both at the Harleston Gallery and at the Upper Waveney Sculpture Meadow.