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Introducing Guest Artist CLIVE DAVIES : a potted history

HWAT is delighted to welcome the distinguished potter, Clive Davies, as one of our special guest artists for the 2009 Harleston & Waveney Art Trail.

Clive Davies has been a professional potter for nearly forty years. During that time he has shown his ceramics in many exhibitions in the UK and abroad.

Davies works with a fine, textured stoneware clay, to create a range of jugs, bowls, plates and mugs, that are decorated with a variety of coloured patterns. He also designs & makes fountains to commission, and other sculptural pieces.


Clive explains more about his working methods:

I use a fine, pale stoneware clay, very smooth and a delight to work. The pots are firstly bisque fired. Base glazes are then applied by dipping and pouring, after which various coloured glazes are used to create a range of patterns and effects. To achieve this I use wax resist, brushes, rollers and sponges. The decorated wares are finally fired to 1300 centigrade in a reducing atmosphere to produce distinctive flowing colours. Decorating the pots is like a continuous experiment, one set of patterns and colours suggesting and nudging, urging on others.


Clive tells us where his fascination with ceramics began:

By the time I had finished National Service in 19621 knew two things; one was that I was unemployable and two that I was creative, but being untrained, I had no direction and was frustrated. Change came when two friends introduced me to ceramics. In a very short time I gave up my employment rented a cottage in rural Suffolk and became self-employed. I threw myself obsessively to learning everything I could about pottery I progressed.

By 1973 I became a full member of the Crafts Potters Association. I developed a range of domestic ware that was plain and simple and finished in a celadon glaze. This work sold well for many years at David Mellors and similar outlets. In 1980 I went to the Dordogne to set up a small wood firing pottery. This marvellous experience gave me a different aspect on ceramics. On returning to England a year later, I was resolved to serious change. I made a new clay body; fine and smooth and developed coloured glazes to fit.  I am still fascinated with pattern and colour.


Clive Davies has had numerous exhibitions, nationally and internationally, including: Norwich Castle Museum, Aldeburgh Festival, Bath Arts Fair, St Ives Gallery, Aberystwyth University, Lancaster University, South Bank Centre London, Manchester Royal Exchange, Bluecoat Display Centre Liverpool, Round House Gallery Burton on Trent, Crafts Galerie Viena, CraftCo Southwold, Keramikmuseet Grimmerhus Denmark.  His work is also in many collections across the world: U.S.A. Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Greece, Japan, Thailand, & India.

Clive Davies Pottery
Ramms Yard
25 Earsham Street
NR35 1AF
01986 892685

HWAT : country walks & cycle rides in the Waveney Valley

The Waveney Valley covers the region of North Suffok and South Norfolk, the two counties that border the beautiful river Waveney.

We hope you will visit us during the Harleston & Waveney Art Trail and enjoy the small wonder of the Waveney Valley, a special place that provides a wealth of inspiration for all of our artists.

There are many walking routes in South Norfolk (link to South Norfolk Council’s list of walks & cycle routes) including the historic Angle’s Way. Also, check out these two local maps of country walks & cycle rides to take around Harleston (courtesy of the Harleston Development Partnership). In neighbouring North Suffolk there are even more walks to follow, such as Mendham by the river and Bigod’s Way near Bungay (links to Discover Suffolk’s list of Suffolk walks). Just follow the links to find out more, where you can download & print off any of the walking maps before your visit to the Waveney Valley.

We pride ourselves that all our artists’ studios are situated within ten miles of the market town of Harleston so that each artist’s studio is not more than a brisk country walk or a bicycle ride away from the next artist. Of course, you just might need to travel by car if you wish to buy some of our art! There is something for everyone and entry to all the artist’s studios is free!

Are you planning to visit the Waveney Valley? If so, there is some excellent B&B holiday accommodation in and around Harleston, Bungay and elsewhere along the Waveney Valley. We have compiled a list of some places to stay in the Waveney Valley. There are also many places to eat & dine and some charming watering holes too.