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Three go to Salthouse

Three HWAT artists, Jazz GreenDavid Page and Dom Theobald, have been selected to create and exhibit new work for the contemporary art exhibition Salthouse 09 : Salt of the Earth.

Salthouse 09: Salt of the Earth follows eight successful years of curated art exhibitions organised by the NNEP at the iconic Salthouse Church on the North Norfolk coast, and is one of the region’s most popular annual exhibitions (last year it recorded over 8,000 visitors in one month). Each year a new curator is chosen to set the theme and select artists for the exhibition, and this year it is Simon Martin from the award-winning Pallant House Gallery in Chichester.

Dom Theobald’s vibrant painting The Doer, the Undoer, takes the notion that depending on proportion and usage, salt is both essential to life and yet toxic. Symbolic forms include references to salt bullets fired at Palestinian civilians, the tanning of hide, salt corrosion, salt that purifies and preserves, the salt of blood, sweat and tears.

The Doer, The Undoer by Dom Theobald

David Page has taken the physical landscape of the salt marshes of Salthouse as his inspiration. Page’s three-panel painting, Some Views of the Marsh, surveys the saltmarsh from the viewpoint of the shingle wall, at first glance topographical and yet remarkably abstract, the pleasing medley of shapes and harmonious colours created by the marshes, shingle and waterways fill one’s visual field with a grand sense of place and space.

Some Views of the Marsh by David Page

Jazz Green has created the work Saltscapes for Salthouse 09, a series of twenty-five panels that utilise salt in the process, echoing landscape, excavation and erosion, with coloured glazes implying other connections to salt – from the purifying to the corrosive. Interestingly, ancient alchemists also used the square to represent salt.

Saltscapes by Jazz Green

Salthouse 09: Salt of the Earth runs from Wednesday 1st July to Sunday 2nd August 2009, is free of charge and is open daily from 10am to 5.30pm. Salthouse is situated on the A149 coast road, west of Sheringham. Coasthopper buses run regularly to Salthouse on the Sheringham-Kings Lynn route. Parking is available, including disabled parking, next to the Church.

More information on Salthouse 09 and related events (evening concerts, poetry readings, workshops and a sculpture trail) can be found on the Salthouse 09 website.