Andrew Vessey – Painter and Modeller


Returning to Suffolk in retirement, I have spent ten years rediscovering the joys of drawing and painting, principally from themes to do with landscape and usually centred around trees. Whether painting in oils, gouache or drawing on location in pen and ink, I use these initial encounters to develop ideas that might link to poetry (which I also write), music, the spirituality of a specific place or the celebration of the natural world. Having taught Art for many years prior to becoming ordained, this ‘new retired life’ has become an extension to the many ways I can express what I believe and the values by which I try to live.


Fortunate to have built a studio in my garden, this winter has seen my completing a series of six tree-studies painted on small mahogany panels, salvaged from an old drop leaf table! There have also been several multiple-image pictures, in gouache and mixed medium, expressing a specific walk I’ve taken or a location visited, describing natural and architectural details. I have also recently painted three potential reredos paintings, large works which I hope might encourage reflection and wider interest in Art in the service of the Church. 

I live on the edge of the village in a small development off the Stradbroke Road. Please park on the road and enter the shared yard on foot. No 3 is in the far corner on the left. Entrance to the Studio is gained through the open garage, entering the garden and negotiating a couple of shallow steps.

3 The Laurels, Fressingfield, Suffolk IP21 5NZ

01379 588389 or 07907 318335