Andrew Vessey

My pastels and pen & ink drawings are drawn on location, thought of as sources of further work. Being drawing mediums, they constitute exercises of hand and eye, recording the subtlety of season and light in our landscape or coastline. These are complimented by studio paintings in gouache and oil, which, together with my poetry, interprets locations as settings for encountering the divine. The gouache paintings have a highly-planned approach, fragmenting or distorting the picture plane. The oils have a far slower process, emerging from meditation on texts or from within the layers of coloured grounds.

Andrew trained in Fine Art (Chelsea) and Education (Bishop Otter College) teaching Art, Drama and Music from 1967-1983 in Secondary Schools and Adult FE. In 1986 he was ordained into full-time ministry in the Church of England and worked in several parishes across northern Worcestershire and latterly in Swansea. Always maintaining his art as an regular exhibitor, nevertheless it has been in retirement that Andrew has been able to devote more time to painting and linking his deep knowledge of art history with his role as a retired priest.

Please note: Andrew Vessey is taking a sabbatical in 2016, and his art studio will not be open to the public.

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