Anne Steel

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I make one-off sculptures from broken jewellery – both antique and modern, mostly of birds and insects. A lot of the jewellery is vintage, with some gold and silver but I also used broken costume jewellery.

I make special commissions and my work is ideal if you have a collection of inherited family jewellery that is not likely to be worn! I can make a unique sculpture from your pieces.

I am an award winning graphic designer with over 30 years experience designing for national and international companies but my passion is making these sculptures. I have been working on them for about 2 years and had my first exhibition last year in Aldeburgh.

I am currently working on a collection of ‘bejewelled’ spiders webs that include glass bead dew droplets, plus brooches, chains and earrings as well as spiders and insects to sit on them.

My largest piece is a 15″ cockerel made from over 250 tiny feathers as well as watch parts, antique marquisette jewelry, earrings and beads. The legs are made from steel milk whisks that I have bent and made into feet.

I have just joined the Art Trail and I will be exhibiting a preview exhibition at Tim Summerson‘s Studio:

Hill Farm Barn
NR35 1NZ

Email: anne [at]