David Page

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My paintings are still broadly drawing-based, but I see them as comments on what I see, more than just attempts to capture three dimensional reality out there onto a two dimensional surface via rule-bound systems. So a painting is the end of a kind of argument, even if it looks like an instant image (usually lots of attempts at it before it gets painted). Much of what I’ve done is about the agricultural landscape – how it really looks now, rather than seeing it through Constable’s glasses, or any other version of the picturesque in vogue. But anything I see may be subject-matter. I would like my pictures to be odder than they are, but they seem to be more in charge than me. Which is the condition of being a painter.

David Page was born in Southend-on-Sea in 1935. After reading Eng.Lit. at Corpus Christi College, Oxford, he taught at the University of Marburg/Lahn, spent 18 months painting in St Ives, and then continued teaching at Hornsey College of Art and the North East London Polytechnic, (now East London University). He wrote and illustrated Ferocious the Puppydragon (Picture Puffin Original, 1971), and contributed to a number of books on education. Since 1991 he has lived on the Norfolk/Suffolk border, painting and writing, exhibiting here and in London.

Redenhall Cottage
Hallwong Lane
Low Road Starston
Norfolk IP20 9NT
Tel: 01379 853000

dpage0235 [at] gmail.com