Jane German

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Since early childhood my work has often featured domestic farm animals and wild birds depicted in their natural environments. From 1997 and for the next twenty years amongst other things I carried out a series of paintings of dairy cattle, some of which were farmed in the village of Starston.

Over the past five years I’ve shifted from this theme of work on to a new series of still life paintings which I compose from a collection of feathers, nests and familiar domestic objects. Having trained originally as a textile designer I am enjoying this recent exploration and a return to more colourful, decorative compositions.

I studied at Loughborough Art College in the ‘60’s where I specialised in Printed Textiles before going on to Brighton College of Art to take a post-graduate Art Teacher’s Diploma. After a career in teaching in London, West Sussex and Norfolk between 1966 and 1997 I left the profession to paint full time. Apart from taking part in the HWAT since it started in 2005, I’ve shown my work in exhibitions and galleries in West Sussex, London & East Anglia for over 30 years.

I moved from Chichester to Norfolk in 1992 after my three children had moved on to follow their careers. I now live in Starston with my husband David Page who is a painter and poet.

Redenhall Cottage
Hallwong Lane
Low Road Starston
Norfolk IP20 9NT
Tel: 01379 853000

janegerman2009 [AT] googlemail.com