Mary Spicer

Mary bases her work on observational drawings made from the East Anglian landscape. The marshes have recently provided a rich seam for exploration and she is finding places that are far off the beaten track, there are countless visual challenges to engage with and Mary views this as a long-term project. Mary now concentrates exclusively on studio work, but is available for tuition in drawing and has a Master’s degree in Art and Design in Education, she has taught Art at Secondary and Adult Education levels and has given numerous talks and workshops throughout East Anglia.

Mary has had solo shows at the Theatre Royal and the St. Giles’ St. Gallery in Norwich and the John Russell Gallery in Ipswich (her third there in 2015). Mary regularly shows work in the Forum with the Norwich 20 Group and has been included in the Bi-Annual Norfolk Contemporary Art shows there; she exhibited in ‘Queen and Country’ in 2012 at the Assembly House with a fellow artist.

St. Edmund’s
All Hallows Convent
Belsey Bridge Road
NR35 2DZ
01986 892139
maryspicer14 [at]