Bobbie Watchorn – Sculptures & Ceramics

I have no formal art training except an “O” level, but have enjoyed doing art all my life. 3D is for me the most exciting and rewarding medium.

I am mostly inspired by life all around me, I live in South Norfolk and am married to a farmer. I have had livestock and pets all my life. I also have a keen interest in wildlife.




The innate character of the animal makes me to want to create an image, whilst not necessarily a completely literal one of the creature in question. I hope to capture the character and charm of each subject.

Often a quirky or amusing pose captures my imagination and I want to try to express it in my work.
I work mainly in clay, firing my work to 1220 degC (stoneware). This means that most pieces will happily live outside all year round and are much stronger than lower fired work.


Earsham Park Farm, Old Railway Road, Earsham, Bungay NR35 2AQ

T: 01986 892180 | M: 07887 648139





The drive is off the A143 on the N side, 2 miles from Bungay roundabout and 4 miles from Redenhall/Harleston roundabout. Continue up the drive past the farmyard and workshop to the front door of the house.