Cork Brick Gallery

The Cork Brick Gallery joined HWAT as a new partner gallery in 2009 and the gallery always has an exciting range of small and affordable artworks on show by HWAT artists, including Nell Close, Jane GermanGill Levin and Dee Nickerson.

cork bricks gallery, bungay

The Cork Brick Gallery is situated in the heart of the pretty market town of Bungay in Suffolk, and has been established for eighteen years, with an emphasis on exhibiting the work of local artists, some of which are newcomers, but many have national and international reputations.

margart thomas painting
Margaret Thomas, Pheasant eye finale, oil on canvas

The gallery has developed an impressive stable of professional artists, including Tessa Newcomb, Margaret Thomas, Lizzie Riches, John Morley, Stephanie Lambourne, Leon Bunnywell, Joceline Wickham and Sargy Mann.

Tessa Newcomb, Seeing Shoal, oil on board

The Cork Brick Gallery is open Tuesday – Saturday from  11am to 5.30pm.

For miore information on represented artists and future exhibitions at Cork Brick Gallery, please call the gallery on 01986 894873.

Cork Brick Gallery
6 Earsham Street
NR35 1AG

cork bricks gallery