Part 7 cont’  The trail continues….

Turn LEFT at the bottom of Scribbly Roo’s drive and follow Denton Low Road, it’s only an 8 minute walk, past The Round House, X over Round House Hill to Round House Cottages. At number 1 you will find…

Artist 20 – Rachel Wiles
Painting and Textiles

Rachel’s studio is in her garden surrounded by the fields of the Waveney Valley. Rachel has been busy preparing for open studios with her work of textured, evocative and atmospheric paintings in mixed media with a hint of gold leaf! 

Her new collection of work is on summer meadows and grasses around the Waveney Valley and of Scotland where she went on an artist retreat. Rachel also has a new series of heavily textured seascapes that are very tactile. 

Refreshments are available in the garden.

From Rachel’s turn left and continue down the lane until the end, turn right, then left and you are back on the A143 heading towards Bungay. Almost straight away there is a left turn for Park Farm……..

Artist 21 Bobbie Watchorn
Sculpture and Ceramics 

Running a farm means Bobbie has had ample time to observe animals. Bobbie first began painting but now prefers to produce 3 dimensional work. I now mostly work in ceramic and do individual one off pieces.
I work from life and ideas inside my head, most pieces are inspired by seeing the animals and wanting to capture the innate character of the subject as I see it!

Part 8 Bungay Artists

Leaving Earsham Park Farm turn Left onto the A143 and head towards Bungay. Turn right at the turn for Earsham, follow the road through the village, over the bridge into Bungay and turn first Left into Outney Road. You are looking for the green house on the corner and …..

Artist 22 – Jilly Szaybo

Jilly is a painter who has always had a fascination with pattern in the natural world. Looking in detail at light as it dances on water or landscape dotted with cattle, ringed with wooded hills, slowly all becomes pattern, dots lines and shapes rather than it’s obvious form. Whilst painting Jilly uses all sorts of different things to make marks such as tiny brushes, sticks, tooth brushes and the blunt ends of nails “Like Paul Klee” Jilly says.

Outney House is home to 2 Artists….

Artist 23 – Poppy Sazybo

Poppy is a very busy lady, diving backwards and forwards from London where she is a freelance Heritage Consultant for museums and galleries. Founder of The Archive Project, Poppy creates work in response to ethnographic collections in museums and galleries. Although Poppy’s original training was as a documentary photographer, she has more recently combined photography with craft and textiles working with threads, stitching, colour, line and surface. This year her work is influenced by the John Innes Historical Collection (Norwich)

From Jilly and Poppy meander back down Outney Road towards Earsham Street and turn Left walking through Bungay’s array of independent shops. I can and do recommend sandwiches, cakes and takeaway coffee from the Deli. Cross over Chaucer St and on your left is house no. 16 home to …..

Artist 24 Liz Taunt

Liz returned to Print Making a couple of years ago after working mostly with Textiles and Papier Mache. Liz plays with the conventional elements of abstraction, colour, tone, texture, line and form. Aiming for work that’s mysterious, subtle but at the same time playful.


Back round the corner into Chaucer Street you quickly find no.6 home to….

Artist 25 – Paul Zawadzki

Paul is a man with many hats, being a Musician and a Photographer as well as a Painter, with a background in Graphics and Illustration. Paul works with oil on canvas and he, like most Artists finds The Waveney Valley inspirational, particularly the river at Earsham and Bungay. He is fascinated by techniques dripping, splattering and blotting in a spontaneous way to create a precise randomness as only a Graphic Designer can.

Earsham St Cafe is conveniently placed just across the road from Liz Taunt’s studio, if it happens to be lunch time and you are in need of sustenance before you head towards the studios on the out skirts of Bungay and Hedenham.
Now, Bungay has a One Way System (very controversial) but from Earsham St it’s easy to cross town because there is only “one way”. At the roundabout or is it a triangle? Take Trinity Street, home to The Imperial Wine Company who have kindly supported the Art Trail since it began 2005. 

Don’t miss the special offer on the back of our brochure for 10% off. Imperial has an incredible selection of wines and the staff are always happy to guide you round the shop. �Follow Trinity St round to the left as it splits just past the church and becomes Staithe Road then Beccles Road, where at no. 24 you will find…

Artist 26 – Diana McKenna

Originally a Textile Designer Diana’s Painting is influenced by the natural world and subjects that remain firm favourites when designing fabric. Birds, flowers and animals from the local environment and as far away as Australia and Peru. Diana travels widely to find inspiration for her work and enjoys experimenting with printmaking, painting with watercolours, acrylics and oils, on both paper and cloth.

Sara’s route to watercolour painting like many others has not been straight forward. Firstly she studied Textile Design specialising in weaving. Then she became interested in Garden Design and Landscape Painting. Over the last few years Sara has developed a style that is recognisably hers, using watercolour techniques and accidental effects to convey drama, mood and the spirit of her land and seascapes rather than a literal interpretation. Of course it’s no surprise that Sara’s garden at Church Road is fascinating too.

Continue out of Bungay on Beccles Road but just as you are about to run out of houses there’s a Left turn into Wainford Road. On the left is 2, Anchor Cottages and the studio behind the cottage belongs to……

Artist 27 – Malcolm Cudmore

Malcolm is the Art Trail’s Chairman. Not one to let the grass grow under his feet (unless he is painting en plein air) Malcolm not only paints but he also writes about art techniques and demonstrates painting and drawing to multiple art groups. Traveling all round the UK teaching, holding workshops and exhibiting. He is also a Silver Signature member of the UK Colour Pencil Society. His oil paintings evoke the lush Suffolk Norfolk landscape, the wide blue skies and the miles of farm land from Bungay to the coast. Malcolm finds scenes, characters and places that just sum up what it is to live in this most wonderful area. 

Malcolm is staying OPEN ALL WEEK from 18th – 27th May 11 – 6pm

Part 9 

Part 9 North to Ditchingham and Hedenham 

Are you still with me? There are only 2 more artists left on the trail to visit, next is Barbara. Heading now towards Norwich on the B1332 just over 1 mile, on the Left is Pound Lane. Ditchingham Barn’s drive is 500yds on the Left….

Artist 28 – Barbara Bernard

Barbara is American but has lived in Britain since the 1970’s. Moving to Ditchingham in 2013. For several years now Barbara has concentrated on painting in oils but in the past she spent time printmaking which was very technical. Paint has given Barbara some freedom which she has clearly put to good use. Her style is realistic, there is a confidence about her images that always look uncluttered, completely sound and may I say, spot on. Probably the reason why when Barbara’s images appear on facebook they attract more interest than anyone else. Don’t over look the architectural prints their precision is amazing.

From Barbara’s we head back to the Norwich Road again and North to Hedenham. It’s not far watch out for the kink in the road just by The Mermaid Pub, opposite the pub is the Right turn into Church Road. On the Left the second cottage is no 49 and home to… 

Artist 29 – Sara Johnson