Paul Zawadzki – Open in 2024 – Studio 14

Based in Bungay, part of the beautiful Waveney Valley, Paul gets inspiration from a love of the local rural scenery at Outney Common and Bath Hills as well as the uncompromising Suffolk coastline at places like Dunwich and Covehithe. Inspiration comes from many natural sources, particularly marshes, forests, and shorelines.
He mainly paints in oils on canvas or board, sometimes incorporating natural materials such as sand, earth, and detritus in his work in order to capture the texture and spirit of the landscape. There is a love of spontaneity too, he enthusiastically embraces the ‘happy accident’ and makes full use of washing out, dripping, blotting, and expressive actions while retaining an element of traditional landscape painting.

Paul Zawadzki

As an artist and musician Paul includes an element of synesthesia in his work (whereby he sees colours in sound and music) which helps him in his other role as an electronic music composer (under the name of ‘Sineflesh’) – the two sides of his practice support and influence each other.
He is currently using deliberately rusted steel and distressed unprimed canvas, together with varnish, metal dust, sand, cement and oil paint, to convey his relationship with the eroding cliffs and trees at Benacre and Covehithe on the north Suffolk coast.
Part of Paul’s research, begun while studying for an MA Fine Art at Norwich University of the Arts, involves investigating ideas of permanence versus impermanence and time-based immateriality, using materials that themselves corrode, viewed from an auto-ethnographic perspective around his 50-year relationship with, and love of, this area of the East Anglian coast. Related work includes audio and video pieces derived from location field recordings.


Zawadzki Studio

24 Upper Olland Street, Bungay, Suffolk NR35 1BH

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If coming from Wharton Street/library car park, cross over the road, through the alleyway, turn left onto Upper Olland Street. Coming from the town centre, take the right fork at the car accessories shop. My studio is 200 metres further down, through the passage between the shop and green house, at the rear of the courtyard.


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