Having refuelled at The Farmer’s Kitchen and seen the Taster Exhibition we are ready to explore the second half of the Trail from Alburgh to Hedenham.

Right on the doorstep of The Farmers Kitchen you should see the HWAT purple flag flying at the bottom of the drive of ……

Artist 18 – Scribbly Roo

Up the drive, to Holbrook House, there is parking at the top and no less than 5 Artists work to see!

Through the garden gate on the left hand side of the house you will find Scribbly Roo’s Garden Studio.

From her own creative writing and travels, Scribbly Roo creates images using traditional and digital methods of drawing and painting. 

Roo also has her range of laser cut jewellery all inspired and influenced by her illustration. The Natural Collection, Dreamscape, and Seafaring a highly collectable series of black birds, crows, rabbits and hares, foxes, spiders, beetles and the very popular…octopus.

Scribbly Roo is staying OPEN ALL WEEK from 25 – 27th May 11am – 6pm 


inst: ScribblyRooStudios

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After ScribblyRoo walk back to the front of the house but don’t leave!! At the other end of the garden is The Barn in which is…..

Something completely new this year! 

Emerging Artists – Studio 19

An idea dreamed up by Scribbly Roo, who as the youngest member of HWAT has first hand experience of how hard it can be starting up as a freelance artist. Which means she also has sympathy and admiration for those who just ‘go for it’ regardless…brave people.

Very few people enter the art world to make money; most do it because they are driven to make art or they love to look at it or be around artists. This means they are often passionate, curious, sensitive types. Nice fun people! The Art world offers a nice life. Come in! It’s not easy though, it’s not all wealth, celebrity and free booze. A lot of man hours and heartache are involved but it’s a very rewarding and an exciting place to hang out.’ 
Grayson Perry

Being a self employed Artist may sound like the dream job but it’s no walk in the park. 
Earning a living as a creative, whether you started the second you left University or after a career doing something completely different requires nerves of steel.

As well as a creative mind you need to be at one with customers, accountancy, tax, marketing and social media, in all it’s forms. 

Emerging Artists is a way of encouraging and supporting artists in East Anglia who are in the early stages of their artistic careers. The scheme lets them know we understand and gives them an extra platform to meet the public and show their work, introducing the public to new artists and visa versa.

In The Barn at Holbrook House this week is a dynamic group of new creatives who’s work you will enjoy.

Jessica D’Alton Goode 

Illustration, Painting and Ceramics
“I love making opulent, bright things, full of feeling: Little birds, gentle elephants, sphinx-like cats, colossal whale-sharks, and towers of cheeky chickens. Hares and patterns and myths and gold.” Jessica’s fascinating collection of work takes the form of framed original paintings, prints and hand painted cards.

Originally Jessica studied Film at Bournemouth Art University but turned to illustration after winning the Children’s Book Of the Year award in 2016. Using watercolours, acrylic and inspired by myths and legends; Jessica currently works from her tiny kitchen studio in Norwich, where she is working on new children’s stories in collaboration with her partner, Writer, Scott Barton.



Chloe Scott

Woven Textiles
Chloe graduated from Norwich University of the Arts in 2017.  “In January 2018 I decided to start my own Woven Design Business, with the aim to work on products, collections and commissions.” 

Chloe is based at Designer Makers in Diss where she is able to accommodate her looms and produce her hand woven fabric.

“I use different techniques on the loom to create my fabrics. I create large simple flat designs for simple affordable products but also padded structural designs with embossed forms and structures which come straight off the loom to create more unique products.”

Chloe currently has a collection of homeware, cushions, bags, purses, buttons and framed stretched pieces to hang. Chloe is inspired by nature and architecture, weaving complex patterns and structures into her fabric. Here at the start of her career she is very aware woven fabric can be used in many forms from Automotive to Fashion so she is open to all possibilities in the future.



Carolyn Moulton 

Mixed Media Painting
Carolyn’s story is a classic and one we are all familiar with. Art will out one way or another no matter what your parents think!

I was one of those 60s grammar school kids steered away from art in favour of something more “academic” that would lead to “ a proper job”. This cloud had a silver lining because I’ve spent my life permanently in Adult Ed art classes, art workshops and art holidays. Along the way I’ve met brilliant, gifted tutors and artists. In the last few years on-line classes have changed my life.

Last year I enrolled in Nicholas Wilton’s on-line Art2Life Academy and now I’m in the Alumni group. As a consequence, my work and my approach to it has altered with more mixed media paintings and the freedom working in series brings. I enjoy developing abstracted landscapes from minimal plein air sketches. Or starting with a playboard, building up layers to see where it leads.


Yolanda Stokes

Print, Mixed Media & Collage
Yollanda is currently in the middle of an MA course at Norwich University of the Arts. She enjoys experimenting with printing, lino and etching onto less than obvious surfaces.

“I create nature-based art that brings a real sense of homeliness and comfort to my pieces. I am a multi-media artist and my artwork takes inspiration from my home. Looking at the domestic alongside a mixed media approach to working I hope to bring joy and serenity to the viewer just like my environment does for me.”