London Road, Harleston is probably the most creative road in Norfolk as it’s home to 4 of our Artists, used to be 5 but David Rock retired, we miss you David!  Any way it might be better to park up and walk to all four, starting with Nick at St. George House 11, London Road… 

Artist 11 – Nick Holmes

Nick paints, prints and collages muliple works from complex textural collaged pattern to large scale dramatic semi abstract painting. He has a very organised printing studio, I wish I could be so tidy! The thinking behind his work becomes quite clear when you realise Nick is in fact a scenic Artist who works on stage and film sets. Where he is reliant on being able to produce muliple techniques to reproduce the scale and grandeur of sets in London’s West End. Ask to see his stage portfolio, you will be amazed.

Leaving Nick’s turn left, walk for two mins and you’ll find yourself outside number 39 London Road, home to…

Artist 12 – Kath Wallace

As well as being a Painter Kath has worked for 20 years as an Art Therapist. It’s easy to see that Kath’s town garden provides a great deal of pleasure and inspiration, crammed as it is with a wealth of colourful, well tended flowers. Kath describes her work as expressive mark making. From her observations of the natural world she creates dynamic paintings and drawings which span from semi real to almost complete abstract.

London Road Artists continued…

Leaving Kath’s studio turn Left and 1 minute later you will be outside 55, London Road 

New Artist Alert!  
Artist 13 – Lisa Henshall

This is Lisa’a first year on the trail so we wish her luck and hope you enjoy seeing her colourful engaging paintings. 
Lisa says 
“Using paint I capture the space we share between us, I am obsessed with colour.” 

Lisa is an an abstract painter, she uses acrylics on canvas, board or linen as well as mixed media pieces. Her work expresses in pigments what she cannot express in words. 
All Lisa’a work starts out as a painting. The larger ones are framed, the miniature pieces are then developed into unique jewellery. Lisa also takes sections of her work and by using her unique printing process, creates one-off designer products here in her studio.

From Lisa’s turn left and in seconds you will be outside 65 London Road, home to…

Artist 14 – Nicky Stainton 

A painter in acrylics at heart but Nicky incorporates a variety of media including collage, pastels, charcoal, wax and ink. Her themes are Journeys and Lifelines. Journeys through the local landscape in her patchwork Norfolk fields and journeys through life exploring the distinctive features of older faces.